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New Editions to the family

Posted on January 2, 2017 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (6342)

Hi again everyone!

We here at Ararat district party hire have been very busy over the last few months!

We have had an extremely busy end to the year and been around quite a few places, from Horsham, to St Arnaud, to dunkeld, To Hamilton, The list is endless!!

Our busy season started off with an extremely busy fathers day at Bunnings in Horsham which was awesome!  We had our rock wall, V8 Simulators, face painting, slushys and popcorn.  It was a huge success with a massive crowd showing up!

Since then we have been around and about, Horsham, St Arnaud, dunkeld, and Ballarat just to name a few.

Another thing we have been busy doing is looking for bargains we can add to the family!

Our first edition we added is an adorable red Trackless Train!  It seats up to 20 people in the back and kids love it!  So far it has made appearances at the Stawell burn out competition, A christmas party in Melbourne and also the Ararat show!  many of you may have seen the train making its way down the street in the Golden Gateway parade flagged by sponge bob, Elmo, freddy the flamingo and more!

Next came an ultra cute carousel!  It has 6 horses and a very bright exterior with catches kids attention!  This one will be ready in early 2017 and will be available for an occasion, private parties, Events, fetes or anything you can think of!

Another new edition we have is mini golf!  We are super excited about this one and it is ready and available for hire now!  With 9 fun holes to play its fun for all ages!  Its bright and colourful and kids and adults alike love it!

There is one more thing coming very soon!  keep watching this space for more information!  This new thing is very exciting and will also be fun for all ages and occasions!!

August 2016

Posted on August 12, 2016 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (1)

Hi everyone,

We have been very busy here at the party hire,  as we speak we have a few new things in the wind, we are very excited about our new editions that are coming very soon!  Keep an eye out on here or on our facebook page, we will be annoucing things in the very near future! I wont give off any hints just yet but maybe you could guess!   Some things we want to get in the near future are a trackless train, an inflatable cinema, Mini golf, A mechanical bull or a chair o plane!   See you can figure out which it is!

August has proven to be the quietest month for us since we began this journey, however the bad weather hasnt detered people from booking castle.  We are still getting a few bookings in for people to enjoy all we have to offer.  One of the best castles to hire in this weather would be the Safari bus,  It is fully enclosed, with a roof and only one opening,  also has a small slide inside!  Its a wonderful little castle with fun for all ages!

If you are unaware we also have a special deal on for August,  the deal is for every castle hired you get a hire of fairy floss for free!!   How great is that!!  You get the machine, sticks, and enough floss for 50 serves!  Who doesnt love fairy floss!!

A couple of months ago we decided to start holding some competitions for our loyal followers.  our first competition was for a half price castle,  the choice was between the monsters Inc or the Princess combos.  Congratulations to Jody Flemming who was our lucky winner in that one!

The second competition was also for a half price castle and this time the choices were the Safari bus or The Steve Irwin combo.  Congratualtions to Sandy Burton who was the lucky Winner!! 

Both of our winners have decided to take advantage of their prize later in the year with one booking in already!

Keep an eye out for more competitions as we will be running these at random times during the year.  If there is anything you would like us to use in our competition please let us know!

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to our website

Posted on July 8, 2016 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (3)

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to our new website and Blog,  I'm all new at this so I'm on a learning curve, so please bear with me.

I just thought I would start with a bit of background on us,  My name is Brooke, my husbands name is Lee and together we have 6 kids,  6 years ago we decided to start up a limousine company in our town.  While this has been alot of fun, it is also a bit more of a hobby for us.

In October last year the oppotumity for us to purchase Ararat District party Hire came up and we jumped on it,  within a few weeks it was ours and we were suddenly on the ride of our lives, we purchased the business right at the start of the busy season and we were thrown into the deep end not knowing what were doing!

It took us a few jobs and a lot of mistakes to figure out the best way to do things and now it feels like we have had it for years,  its like second nature now.

We started off this journey with 3 machines and 5 jumping castles,   we didnt want to just settle with what we had so we decided we were going to expand and make this business as big as it can be.   We have so far added a soft serve machine to the ones we already had, and alot of different castles.

The castles we have added have included combos, rock walls, obstacle courses and more!  We have also included v8 simulators into the mix as well

We see this business going alot further in the future and some of our vision is to have included mini golf, trackless trains, boxing rings, photo booths and so much more!

We have so much more to give that we have also decided to expand into party supplies including plates, cups, napkins, and more.

Due to popular demand we have already expanded into helium balloons, you can check out our range of what we have to offer on our face book page: All things party, Ararat.  We will be expanding our range all the time so there will always be something for everyone!

Thankyou for reading my very first blog!